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About The Dean Music Institute




Skills Levels Covered

The DEAN MUSIC INSTITUTE is an innovative music education program that helps anyone achieve their full music potential. The Dean Music Institute was founded by a musician with over a quarter century of playing and teaching experience.

Also a student of U.S.C. School and his students have gone on to play for and worked with and open up for such stars as Latoya Jackson, James Brown, Bobby John Gospel, Calvin Richardson, Babyface. Additional experience includes jams, gigs and open up performances that includes Paramount entertainment (Carowinds themepark), The okaysions "I'm a girl watcher", The drifters, Clarence Carter, Pink, Arnemus Pyle ( Drummer for Lynard Skynard), The Manhattans, The Dell (From the movie the five heart beats), Louis Bellson (famous Jazz Drummer), Darius Rucker (lead singer for Hootie and the Blowfish), John Blackwell (Drummer for "Prince" and Justin Timberlake) and Millie Jackson just to mention a few.

If you are looking to learn and play music, then  the Dean Music Institute is the place for you or your child.






GUITAR (classes Available)​

PIANO (classes Available)

BASS (classes Full)



Core Creativity/Skill Demands

​the value of strong right-hemisphere thinking in our modern economy demands that your child capitalize on the ingenuity inherent to the right side of the brain, therefore learning large amounts of information through the manipulation of visual images, making split-second decisions, and taking risks in the learning process are increasingly in demand.

Music and it's direct coralation to the right brain learners have the ability to process visual and kinesthetic information at an unbelievable rate, strengthening the natural abilities of the right hemisphere of the brain.

Often times, enhancing right-brain abilities through music empowers many to truly excel in a world that increaingly needs them.

Interesting Fact:

Musicians have been shown to have significantly more developed left planum temporales, and have also shown to have a greater word memory (Chan et al.). Chan’s study controlled for age, grade point average and years of education and found that when given a 16 word memory test, the musicians averaged one to two more words above their non musical counterparts.


Core Intelligence

Certain aspects of language and melody have been shown to be processed

in near identical functional brain areas. There are neurologically

structural similarities between music and language. Studies have shown

that both linguistic and melodic phrases produced activation in almost

identical functional brain areas. also, Syntactical information

mechanisms in both music and language have been shown to be processed similarly in the brain. All this goes to show that learning to play music is far more reaching than just the shear enjoyment of create wonderful sounds to be enjoyed by all

Google... Brown, Martinez and Parsons (2006) for more on this Research 

2010 - present

2010 - present

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