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PIANO U Featured Piano Tuner and Technician


A northeastern transplant, Jeffrey D. Gatto has been servicing pianos in and around Atlanta and South Carolina since 2002. Jeff moved to Atlanta to attend the Larry Crabb School of Piano Technology and dove headfirst into piano's, completing the schools main course in just 1 year (one of the fastest yet according to Larry). Upon completion of the course, Jeff immediately started working with some of Atlanta's top piano dealers as well as building his own clientele. Over the years Jeff received additional training in grand action regulation, concert tuning techniques and poly finish repair. Opportunities also arose to tune pianos for several celebrities including R.E.M, Gregg Allman, Debbie Gibson, Shaka Khan, Tony Bennett, William King, Ciera and Bobby V.  In 2011 Jeff was sponsored by Piano Distributors of Georgia to attend the lauded "Yamaha Little Red Schoolhouse" in California, where he received extensive training in grand action regulation as well as becoming a certified Disklavier technician. Currently Jeff is the lead technician at Piano Distributors of Marietta and Alpharetta.


As well as working on pianos, Jeff has been an avid musician since childhood. His list of talents include, singing, composing, producing, mixing, guitar and piano. Jeff's musical gifts continue to help him tune by ear and be the well rounded piano technician he is today.

Phone: 770-315-7774

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From time to time you will get advice from one of the professionals at Piano Distributors on what to look for when you making a decision to invest in a high quailty Piano.
They Will Guide You On:
  • What To Look For In A Quality Piano or Digital Keyboard
  • Do's and Don'ts of Investing In your first Piano Or Digital KeyBoard
  • When It Is time to Upgrade
  • And Much More
They carry all Yamaha pianos, including the world’s best selling digital piano-- the Clavinova, along with the Disklavier reproducing piano. They offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, 100% trade-up policy. Also, they have hundreds of pianos to choose from!


Feel Free To Contact Store Manager Bill Adams With Any Questions You May Have.

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